Is your favorite ink missing from our site?

If you have an ink in your collection that we don't have on our site, we'd love to be able to post a color tile of it! If you're able to make the tile with materials that you have at home, you can make it yourself following the instructions in the video below. Then either mail us the tile at our P.O. Box address given below or email us a scan of the tile.

If you scan your tile and plan to email it to us, please be sure that the tile looks as close in color on screen as it does to the color on the tile you see in person. Since we won't be able to see your tile in person before posting it, it's important that the scan you email us be as color accurate as possible. You can email color tiles to either Chris or Matt using the contact information provided below.

If you don't have access to the necessary materials to make your own tiles, you can send in samples of the ink to our P.O. Box at the address given below. We'll make the tiles and post them for you. Before sending in ink samples, be sure to secure them as best you can so that the ink will not spill in transit. If the inks mix in transit or spill completely, we won't be able to process them for use on the website. When you're ready, send the samples to our P.O. box and send an email to let us know that they're on the way.

How to make a color tile

In the video below, Chris explains how she makes her color comparison tiles. If you'd like to contribute a tile to the site, please follow her instructions as closely as possible so that we can maintain a standard of comparison.

Are you a reviewer?

If so, we'd love to be able to link back to your reviews for any of the inks that we have posted on our site. It's impossible for us to find all of the reviews for every ink and keep that information up to date on our own. If you would like us to link to your reviews, email Matt a listing of the inks you've reviewed along with a URL for each review, and we'll be happy to add them to our database so that links to your reviews will show along with each relevant color tile. Feel free also to send periodic updates as you produce more reviews. Please contact Matt with any links you may wish to have posted in our reviews list for the inks we have on file.

How to get in touch

Reach out via email

Get in touch with Chris by emailing her at

Get in touch with Matt by emailing him at

Reach out via "snail mail"

Use the P.O. Box address below to send us samples or swatches for use on the website. If you plan to send us mail, please email ahead to let us know that it's on the way and try to keep packages relatively small, if possible. There is a limited amount of space in the P.O. Box, so keeping mailings smaller and/or letting us know something is on the way helps keep the P.O. Box empty and available to receive more mailings.

Matt Woznicki
P.O. Box 380673
Clinton Township, MI 48038-9997

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Thanks to our Contributors!

We couldn't build this site on our own and we're really grateful for everyone that has contributed to making the project even more successful. Thanks to all of the pen friends listed below (as well as others that asked to be left anonymous) for helping to make the site what it is!

Pen Friends Contributing Samples and/or Swatches

Azape359 on reddit

Barbara Banks on Instagram (@barbaras_creative_wanderlust)

Barb Haven on Instagram (@Guinness143)

Cathie Scott on Instagram (@scott_cathie)

Chris Saenz on Instagram (@snowball7470) and on Youtube

David Peters on Instagram (@dandbpeters)

The Dormouse's Desk on Instagram (@thedormousesdesk) and on Youtube

Erin C.

Evan S.

Guy Schepers from The Netherlands

Hannah from Canterbury, England

InkQuack on Instagram (@InkQuack)

January Young

Maria Eugenia Larregola on Instagram (@inks.inspiration)

Miss Marilyn on YouTube

Manda B. on Instagram (@hellolovely) and Youtube

Percy on Instagram (@penparlor) and The Pen Parlor on Youtube

Richard Hargrove

Stefanie from Germany

Tanja Blume

Thomas P.

@ukasabii on YouTube and Instagram

Pen Friends Contributing Reviews

An Ink Guy on Instagram and YouTube

Chris Saenz on Instagram (@snowball7470) and on Youtube

The Dormouse's Desk on Instagram (@thedormousesdesk) and on Youtube

Fountain Pen Pharmacist from and on Instagram (@fountainpen_pharmacist)

Kelly McCown from

Liz McGuire on Youtube, Instagram (@zilxodarap), reddit (as LizMEF), and FPN (as LizEF)

Mike Matteson on Youtube and at

Miss Marilyn on YouTube

OdE (Objectos de Escrita) on YouTube

Ray from

@ukasabii on YouTube and Instagram

Graphics Contributions

Icons used as indicators of shimmer, iron gall, and review availability were made by Freepik from


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